Sara has taught workshops and master classes nationally and internationally for over 11 years.  If you or your institution would like to hire Sara, feel free to get in touch on the contact page.  Sara is happy to cater her speaking engagements/workshops/master classes/corporate training to your clients' needs, or feel free to choose from one of the options below: 

Healthy Vocal Technique in a Demanding Pop World:

   Forward "Placement" and Use of Mix Register

   The Healthy "Belt"

   Releasing Vocal Tension to Allow for Freer Vocal Production

   Muscle Coordination

How to Use the Voice to Better Engage Clients and Customers:


   Voice Management/Diction and Speaking

   Keeping the Voice Fresh and Engaging

   Best Practices for Keeping the Voice Healthy

   Voice Care On and Off the Job

Vocal Improvisation I:

   Swing 8th notes

   7th Chord Qualities

   Writing and Singing Guide Tones

   SInging the Blues Scale and Applied Riffs/Arpeggiating the Blues Scale

   Tension Availability

   Use of Tensions in Improvisation

   Singing Over the Blues

   Hearing the "Changes"

   "Trading" Phrases

Vocal Improvisation II:

   "Trading" Phrases

   Tension Availability/Singing Tensions Over 7th Chords

   Tendency Tones/Tension Resolution

   ii-7 V7 Imaj7 Phrases and Licks

   Applied Use of the ii-7 V7 Imaj7 over Blues

   Applied Use of the ii-7 V7 Imaj7 over Jazz Standards

   Use of Motifs

Vocal Improvisation III:

   Applied Use of the ii-7 V7 Imaj7 over Jazz Standards

   Advanced Use Of "Licks"

   Motivic Development

   "Trading", "Quoting", and Listening

   Use of Space in Improvisation

   Advanced Harmonic Ear Training

Vocal Skills and Necessities For the Working Singer:

   Creating and Sticking to a Regular Practice Schedule

   External Factors That Affect the Voice

   Managing One's Business for the Unsigned Artist (How To Get Press, put a Band Together, Put a Tour Together, and more)

   Learning how to be a good "road hang".

Music Notation/Chart Writing For the Working Songwriter, Parts 1 & 2:

Part I:

   Notes in the Treble Clef, Notes in the Bass Clef, and Ledger Lines

   Time Signatues

   Rhythmic Values

   Key Signatues

   Diatonic Harmony

Part II:

   Rules of Layout - Measures, Barlines, Key and Time Signatures

   Understanding and Finding the Form

   Repeats and How To Use Them

   Writing Introductions and Endings

   Writing Hits

Or Sara is happy to talk about any of the following topics:

   External Factors That Have Affects on the Voice

   How To maximize Your Vocal Potential

   Do "The Hustle" - Gigs Won't Find you, You Have To Find Them!

   Jazz Standard Repertoire

   Working in a Duo Setting

   Emotional Expression

   Song Arranging

   How To Write A Chart/Lead Sheet

Music Notation/Chart-Writing For the Working Singer/Songwriter