Sara is a world class, engaging, and thoroughly articulate educator, as well as a virtuosic and soulful singer. Her passion for singing and music is infectious!
— Michael Bluestein, Keyboardist/Singer from FOREIGNER, Shelby Lynn, Enrique Iglesias, Boz Scaggs, Linda Perry
Today he met with the choral director for the first time when he went in to meet with his counselor. She caught him off guard and asked him to do a quick audition for her. He didn’t really want to so I am so thankful that he spent time with you because he was able to step up to her piano and run through the few warm ups with her. Afterwards he said he felt like it was a familiar process, like what he did with you. He was able to quickly demonstrate what he had to offer and she bumped him into the advanced group.

I’m so excited for him to be in a formal program singing every day and performing more regularly. You really boosted his confidence in his voice. And in his ability to learn and improve. Thanks so much!!!!
— Ellen B. (client mom)
Dear Sara,
Thank you so much for you help in preparing my application video. Even though I didn’t spend an extensive amount of lesson time with you, what I learned in my two lessons, has helped me tremendously with my singing. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and I guess the admissions people at NYU were as well because I was accepted!! I couldn’t more more excited! So once again, thank you; hope to see you soon.
— Ali Scharf
I want to thank you for the fantastic pilot you conducted for our tour guides. Your expertise and knowledge have been greatly appreciated... Great job...Very knowledgeable and borderline genius...
— Naphtali Bryant, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Organization Development
Good Morning Sara! Just wanted to update you with my acceptance at Berklee!! I’m so happy and grateful for all your support!
— Julia Selbherr
I’ve been meaning to write for a while and thank you for your patience and hard work when i was your student. you have no idea how grateful and inspired i am!”
— - Jade Giorno, Singer/Songwriter
Not just a brilliant teacher, Sara is an incredible singer too! But there are few teachers as intelligent AND nice as Sara Leib. She will spot your strengths and weaknesses and not make you feel bad about them. She knows a ton about preparation, about different kinds of music, and most important—she enjoys doing it! The best vocal coach I’ve ever worked with.
— Matt L., Los Angeles, CA
Sara is such an incredible teacher. She has a beautiful voice and an extensive knowledge of music and singing. On top of that...she knows how to effectively teach her students how to improve.

In a city where anyone can be an “acting coach” or a “singing coach” - you really need to be careful. Most of these impostors are in it to make a quick buck. Sara actually loves music and teaching it. Her passion for all of the above makes learning that much easier. bang for your buck. In all
Honesty...I’d pay her rate just to enjoy her company. Love her!
— Nick E., Torrance, CA
Sara Leib is an incredible teacher, and you won’t be disappointed. It can be so difficult to find the right voice instructor in Los Angeles; the perfect combination of professional singing experience and stellar education is rare. But Sara is that rare find. She received her training on the East Coast at Berklee and NEC, and she has been a studio singer and working professional for years. She emphasizes breathing and singing the natural, healthy way and explains technique in a clear, direct manner. She has helped me so much with relaxation techniques! On top of all this, she’s a wonderful and kind person. Please go to Voice Studio L.A. and experience Sara Leib yourself!
— Angela Parrish, Singer/Songwriter
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