Is Sara a voice teacher or a vocal coach?  And what's the difference?

Sara is both a voice teacher and vocal coach.  Generally a voice teacher teaches technique, or how to sing and the techniques involved, and a vocal coach helps guide clients in what to sing, and the stylistic techniques appropriate for the client's chosen musical genre.  Sara combines her love of contemporary musical genres and improvisation for stylistic coaching and her technique and command of musical skills to provide high-quality voice teaching and coaching for clients at Voice Studio LA and off-site for recording sessions, vocal production, and live performance (off-site rates differ).

What's up with the term "studio"? Is Voice Studio LA a recording studio?

Voice Studio LA is Sara Leib's private teaching studio.  While Sara often records exercises for her clients to sing along to, or records her clients for them to listen back, there is currently no on-site recording studio. The term "studio" comes from the Latin term "study" and the Italian meaning, "room for study".  Music, voice, and art teachers in Europe and the United States have long been calling the rooms they create, work, and teach in their "studios".

When is the studio open?  What days does Sara teach?

Sara teaches from her studio on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  The studio is closed the rest of the week, as Sara is an active session/live singer, teaches on the faculty at Azusa Pacific University and Pasadena City College, and consults off-site for her professional clients.

Who needs a voice teacher/vocal coach?

Anyone who sings professionally should work with a voice teacher/vocal coach regularly.  A teacher/coach is like a guide who helps you find ways to best use your voice healthfully.  Having not just a great singing career, but a singing career with longevity requires serious attention to technique and vocal health, which is of premium importance to voice teachers. Even those who already have successful singing careers consult and study with teachers and coaches to make sure they are running at peak performance level. From beginners to seasoned professionals, Sara is happy to work with all kinds of clients.

My company's employees need training and development in how to use their voices.  Can Sara train my employees?

Sara loves to train speakers and employees of all backgrounds in how to use their voices effectively. Whether training an individual on how to effectively communicate while giving keynotes, to training groups of employees on how to keep their voices fresh and engaging at work, training professional speakers is a growing necessity for businesses worldwide.  Visit the "Corporate Training" page for more information, or get in touch to see whether hiring Sara is best for you and your company.  

How long are lessons?  Does Sara teach 30-minute or 45-minute lessons?

Sara teaches in hourlong increments (actual lesson time is 50-55 minutes, to allow for her to take notes).  Although it can be common for young students to take lessons in half hour increments, Sara feels that a half an hour or forty-five minutes isn't long enough to both practice vocal excercises/techniques and apply them to songs/repertoire.

How often do I need to take lessons?

Some teachers prefer to see clients every week.  While weekly lessons can be great for professionals and music students, and motivating clients to do their singing and exercises regularly, some clients cannot have weekly lessons due to time or financial constraints.  Sara firmly believes that her clients will see growth based on how often they practice, rather than how often they have lessons.  You should take lessons at a pace that allows you to best take advantage of what you're learning in the lessons.  Sara stresses that however often you decide to take lessons, that you take them in regular intervals, be it weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, for optimal results.  Remember that practicing is key.

Does Sara teach Skype or online lessons?

Yes!  Although teaching online presents certain limitations of the internet, she has several regular and touring clients who live/travel worldwide and take their lessons online. Whether you just need to take a lesson every once in a while to augment your current practice/performance schedule, are touring but can't take a voice teacher with you, or you would like to see Sara regularly, online lessons are a great way to learn from Sara Leib if you live outside of Los Angeles.

How many lessons do I need to take before I begin to see and hear improvement?

Remember that improvement comes not with how many lessons you take, but with how regularly/often you practice your exercises and warmups, and apply techniques to your songs.  Being a better singer is not something you can buy— it takes committed, regular practice, the same way mastery of any instrument takes practice. Remember, practice makes permanent!

What is Voxercise? Can it help me?

Somewhere around 2008, Sara realized that the internet was changing the way people learn. In 2010/11, Sara started Singing TV, a Youtube channel which, to date, has over 11,000 subscribers and over a million views. As Sara offered free lessons to singers through that platform, she realized that most singers don’t have a great way to practice. DVD lessons and CDs to sing along to were becoming obsolete, and didn’t offer the interactive work necessary for real education and self-assessment. So she sought out an app that fit the profile. When Sara found that most apps in the space either had a terrible user interface or just didn’t work properly, she set out to make her own. In 2014, work on Voxercise. began, and in February 2018, Voxercise was released. Visit the site to learn more, or download on the Apple App or Google Play stores. The app is user-friendly, provides piano and vocal tracks to sing along to, has educational videos, and a tuning feature. Use the app daily to help practice your own vocal warmups and build coordination! Best of all, there’s a demo so you can use it for free, and all 26 warmups are included in the packs bundle for only $13.99. No monthly fee or subscription needed.

Can Sara come on tour with me or my client?

Sara is happy to travel with clients who are on tour to provide them support with lessons, coaching, and warmups while on national or international musical tours.  Fixed or pre-negotiated retainer fees apply.

Will Sara sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to work with high-profile artists?

You'll find that Sara's clients are proud and happy to recommend her coaching highly and publicly.  However, in the case that you or your artist require an NDA for privacy or public relations reasons, Sara is happy to accomodate.

Does Sara teach beginning singers and regular people', or only working/famous singers?

For Sara, the study of the art of music is not simply for those who pursue professional careers in music, but an educational pursuit that everyone can benefit from.  Sara is happy to teach anyone who would like lessons (schedule accommodating).  One of Sara's specialties is making voice, singing, and music something that everyone can understand by diminishing the use of jargon and explaining physiological and technical terms.

Does Sara teach children?

Sara generally teaches people ages 14 and up.  Sara does specialize in helping high school-aged students prepare for college auditions.  As for younger kids, while Sara makes exceptions for younger working singers and actors, she generally feels that developmentally and educationally younger children are better off studying the more basic musical skills such as piano and music reading/theory, and graduate later to singing when both their physical body and attention spans are more developed.

Where is Voice Studio LA?

Voice Studio LA is the private vocal studio of Sara Leib.  Sara teaches from her home studio in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles, near the intersection of Pico and Fairfax.