Sara Leib is a passionate teacher, coach, and guide for all styles of contemporary commercal music.  She holds degrees from the Berklee College of Music, the New England Conservatory of Music, and a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, as well as being a certified Somatic Voicework™  teacher with continued studies in the Alexander Technique.

Sara’s goal is to teach clients to sing contemporary commercial musical styles comfortably and healthfully. Sara’s approach includes involving three major forms of learning: cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (coordination), and affective (feelings and attitudes). This requires that students/clients explore music through physical practice and the body, emotional expression, and theory and notation. Vocal health is of the utmost importance.

Sara is a proud certified Somatic Voicework™  teacher, but she does not subscribe to only one specific method.  You may have heard or read about vocal methods, which often offer catchy phrasewords or voice teacher jargon that can be attractive to beginning singers.  However, terminology can often be hard to understand, and is only useful when well-explained.  Sara urges her clients to remember that a "method" is simply a way that voice teachers "brand" the ways in which we teach.  Over the years, Sara has found that while some clients respond very well to the way one method, another may not, which is why she prefers to tailor her teaching style specifically to each different client she works with. Sara draws from her own experience, her Somatic Voicework™ training, Alexander Technique, and more while learning how each of her clients learns so she can make sure that clients have an intimate knowledge and understanding of their own instrument.