Other Wonderful Resources and Teachers of Singing:

Musical Theatre Resources for College-Bound Student: http://auditioningforcollege.com

Speech Language Pathologist Amy Chapman does amazing work. Whether you need voice rehabilitation, laryngeal massage to aid in decreasing neck and laryngeal tension, or just another voice opinion, Amy is a fabulous voice professional and great friend to Sara and her studio. Http://www.VoiceLabLA.com

Dr. Reena Gupta is a caring, attentive laryngologist (voice doctor) in Los Angeles.  She specializes in singers and professional voice users, and she is the only laryngologist I recommend. Http://www.VoiceDoctorLA.com

Http://pianotrax.com is a wonderful resource for anyone singing or preparing musical theatre repertoire for performance or audition.  Check it out!

Bora Karaca's studio, the LaBORAtory is a great recording studio space right nearby Sara's studio in Mid-Wilshire.  The Bosendorfer Grand piano sounds great, and Sara is happy to recommend the studio to anyone who needs one in the area. http://www.thelaboratoryaudio.com

Jeanie LoVetri, World's Greatest Voice Pedagogue: http://www.thevoiceworkshop.com/lovetri.html