Sara finds great meaning in helping companies train their employees to use their voices properly, healthfully, and usefully.  Corporate voice training helps public speakers, executives, company employees, and service industry professionals to keep their voices fresh and engaging, and healthier.  Voice training helps give keynotes a sound people want to listen to, helps employees communicate better to customers, and saves companies money by being proactive about its employees' health, rather than being liable for vocal injuries after the fact.

Healthy employee voices means better communication, better customer service, shorter telephone wait times, happier customers, and less company liability when it comes to employee healthcare costs.  It's a cost effective way for any company, large or small, to boost employee morale while instituting learning and development training.  Sara can help anyone from the Fortune 500 CEO who needs to actively captivate audiences while giving keynotes, executives who want to sound confident and authoritative in the boardroom, to corporate employees who want to learn to keep their speaking voice fresh and engaging.

Vocal Health

   Custom-Designed, Industry-Specific Specialty Courses of Study for Employee Training and Development

   How to Use the Speaking Voice in a Work Environment Without Tiring the Vocal Folds

   Long Term Speaking - Best Practices for Employees who Talk on the Telephone 

   Long Term Speaking - Best Practices for Employees Who Engage in Customer Service

   Voice for the Public Speaker - How to Keep Your Voice Fresh and Engaging

   How to Use the Voice to Better Engage Clients and Customers

 Team Building and Trust Exercises

  • Stomp and Clap Rhythm Exercise
  • Blues Exercise - Leader-Led Group Call and Response
  • Circle Singing - Learning to Trust Your Coworkers by Composing and Performing On-the-Spot Rhythms, Melodies, and Harmonies.

Specialized Corporate Training Sessions